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About Us

Inspired Interfaces endeavours to be a world-leading supplier in electrical analysis software systems. Our systems must be unequaled in user friendliness, quality, cost and service.

Based in Durban, South Africa, Inspired Interfaces was established in 1996 and focuses on the development of electrical engineering software. The company is owned and managed by Francois Nortjé and Cobus Roux who are both qualified electrical engineers (BSc Electrical Engineering). They play an integral part in the formulation of prototypes for various projects and the development of programs.

Market Research on LV / MV electrical analysis systems worldwide enabled Inspired Interfaces to identify the need for an integrated, advanced, and yet user-friendly, electrical analysis software program. The result was the development of ‘ReticMaster’. It was launched in South Africa on June 1997 and by the end of December 1997 it was already making an explosive impact on the South African market.

Having been so successful with ReticMaster, Inspired Interfaces developed a HV simulation system, called ‘PowaMaster’, specifically for the modelling of Generation and Transmission systems. The first version was released in April 2001.

Some of our users include Electrical Utilities, Municipalities, Electrical Consultants, Industries and Academic Institutions.

Scope of Business Activities

Design, Development and Commercialisation of New Products
  • Further development and support of ReticMaster & PowaMaster are continuously being addressed
  • Development of new support tools to interfaces from user applications to our systems
Network Modelling

We offer two types of network modelling services:

  • Network modelling without selling the software.
  • Network modelling with a subsequent sale of the software to allow clients to work from a pre-modelled system.
Custom OLE Programming

Compose macros/code for other platforms e.g. CAD, Excel and GIS. This enables users to link almost any other external program with software designed by Inspired Interfaces.

Network Design and Analysis
  • Load Forecasting and modelling
  • Network Optimisation and Expansion studies
  • Fault Levels
  • HV, MV and LV electrical network design capability
  • Integration of design, GIS, bills of material
  • Protection analysis
  • Network Modelling
  • Energy Calculations: purchases, usage, tariffs
  • Load Peak Clipping – PF improvement
  • Losses analysis
Master Planning to 25 Years
  • Load Forecasting
  • Scenario Analysis
Costing Systems
  • Bill of materials generated automatically by PowerOffice
  • Cost (transport, labour, materials)
Purchasing – getting up and going

To get up and running all that is required is to download the required application from the website, purchase a dongle from Inspired Interfaces and follow a simple unlock procedure.