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PowaMaster Help



PowaMaster is a PC based program which runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system. It caters for the modelling of balanced, meshed electrical networks by representing the electrical network and equipment in an intuitive user friendly manner. It also enables the user to model any electrical network easily, quickly and efficiently.

It is a simulation system ideally suited for transmission and distribution networks, substation design and building services applications.

There are 3 editions to choose from:

  1. PowaMaster Plus (unlimited busbar / node),
  2. PowaMaster Basic (500 busbar / node limitation),
  3. PowaMaster Lite (100 busbar / node limitation)

Voltage Range

PowaMaster can handle any voltage modeled in a network and allows for a totally mixed system.

  • Low voltage (LV < 1000V)
  • Medium voltage (1000V MV < 44kV)
  • High voltage (HV > 44kV)


Integrated system with no modules – all features are included in all editions.