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PowerOffice is a costing-engine which includes a control programme that links to

  • Bentley® MicroStation / PowerDraft
  • esri™ ArcGIS Pro (Under development)
  • ReticMaster®,
  • PowaMaster®,
  • Microsoft Excel

PowerOffice is aimed at the planning and design of urban and rural residential electrification projects, but, with the new version being released shortly, can also be used for building services, substations and projects that need electrical analysis and materials.

PowerOffice also has the ability to export Single-Line_Diagrams from CAD/GIS directly into PowaMaster for electrical analysis.

PowerOffice creates a full bill of materials and is capable of providing construction and as-built drawings with complete voltage drop calculations for Medium & Low Voltage networks. Any existing CAD drawing can be used. Voltage drop and load-flow calculations are performed via a link to ReticMaster and the CAD/GIS is automatically updated after changes have been made during cable and transformer optimisation in ReticMaster.

A bill of materials can be created manually using simple drag-and-drop in a Windows Explorer type environment, or automatically, using the PowerOffice Electrification interface.

PowerOffice has an open reporting system, making it simple for users with SQL knowledge to generate detailed reports. These reports can then be exported into MS Excel or MS Access format. Reports can also be exported into MS Word format, as long as pre-formatted, user-created templates have been uploaded into the system.

PowerOffice has a client-server configuration which will allow multiple users to utilize the same database for materials and costing. Alternatively, both components can be installed on one workstation, making it a stand-alone system.