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ReticMaster is a PC based program that runs under Microsoft Windows 7 and 10 operating systems. The latest version is recommended. Hard Drive space of 50 MB is required. Memory requirements are as per required for the operating system.

There are 3 editions to choose from:

  1. ReticMaster Plus (unlimited busbar / node),
  2. ReticMaster Basic (500 busbar / node limitation),
  3. ReticMaster Lite (100 busbar / node limitation)

Voltage Range

ReticMaster can handle any voltage modelled in a network and allows for a totally mixed system.

  • Low voltage (LV<1000V)
  • Medium voltage (1000V<MV<44kV)
  • High voltage (HV>44kV)


Integrated system with no modules – all features are included in all editions.

Functional overview


  • Powerful point & click interface makes the application easy to use
  • Using background images to do geographical placement of nodes
  • Automatic single line diagram generation capability
  • Electrical connectivity is modelled in the data which enables efficient network tracing
  • Dynamic calculations with each node placement – Calculations are extremely fast
  • All results are always available at all nodes after a calculation
  • Displayed information fully customisable


  • PSS/U + other if users have requirements
  • Any OLE enabled system can link to ReticMaster to use its engine


Combined High, Medium and Low voltage technologies, simulations with unbalance and diversity include:

  • Delta or Star, 2 to 4 wire systems (120° Phase displacement) modelling,
  • 1 phase systems (Phase to Neutral) modelling,
  • Single Wire Earth Return systems (SWER) modelling,
  • Dual phase systems (180° Phase Displacement, two phases & neutral).

Radial / Limited Mesh System Analysis

  • Any user defined voltage level (e.g. 275kV, 132kV, 400V, 120V)
  • Full technology mix
  • Calculations are automatic
  • An unlimited number of nodes are supported
  • Results are immediately available and may be displayed as required
  • Voltage analysis (caters for unbalance)
  • Current Flow analysis
  • Fault current analysis:
    • Three phase faults
    • Phase to Ground faults
    • Phase to Neutral faults
    • Phase to Phase to Ground faults
    • Phase to Phase faults
  • Full load energy and losses energy calculations are performed
  • Demand Side / Energy Management
  • Load types include Constant Power, Constant Impedance & Constant Current
  • Full domestic algorithms are available using appropriate diversity calculations for residential load modelling.
  • Statistical load analysis is available for residential load modelling
  • DC load profiling and battery calculation


  • Graphic reporting such as under/over-voltage and over loaded equipment
  • Voltage profiles are directly available & are dynamically updated during network modifications.
  • Fault current profiles are available & dynamically updated
  • User definable GUI outputs are directly available
  • User definable reports are directly available in text or MS Excel format
  • Text Reporting of problems such as:
    • Open points,
    • Islands,
    • Voltage problems,
    • Rating problems and
    • Unbalance problems.

Interfacing with Other Programs

  • External programs such as Excel, Access, CAD, GIS, or development languages such as C++, VBA, Python, etc. can link directly to ReticMaster through OLE (object linking & embedding).
  • Ability to allow digitizing over an imported background image
  • Read and Save PSS/U data files
  • Read DT_VDROP data files
  • Read Text files