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An advanced software application for Balanced, Meshed Electrical Network Analysis, from High Voltage down to Low Voltage, transmission to distribution, substations to building services. User friendly Network and equipment representation, enables the user to model any electrical network.

Multiple calculation methodologies
Multiple views on the network
Lock all tap change facility
Lock selected transformer tap change facility
Transformer grounding via impedance
Multiple transformers


Our flagship product, ReticMaster, is an advanced software application for Radial Electrical Network Analysis from High Voltage, typically ranging from 132kV to 11kV, down to Low Voltage, typically 400V or 231/120V, with virtually unlimited number of nodes is now available.

Multiple Calculation methodologies
Powerful tools for Scenario study
Automatic single line diagram generation
Efficient network tracing
Dynamic calculations with node placement
Interface to external applications via OLE


Specifically aimed at the planning and design of urban or rural residential electrification projects. PowerOffice creates a full bill of materials and is capable of providing construction and as-built drawings with complete voltage drop calculations for Medium & Low Voltage networks.

Bentley® Microstation, AUTODESK® AutoCAD, product compatibility
PowaMaster SLD analysis
ReticMaster analysis and update
GIS Compatibility
BOM, BOQ, BOS to Microsoft Excel
Import Survey from Microsoft Excel