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Why Use Software

Why use software for design & analysis?

To improve the efficiency of planning engineers

To help with the optimisation of network design

To simulate future network modifications & determine most economical solutions

An electrical network model of large factories and municipal distribution is important for the following main reasons:

To simulate plant behaviour during normal loading conditions:

  • To ascertain if the selected cable sizes are optimally selected (size). If cables are under-sized then the following problems are possible:
    • Excessive voltage drop over the cables,
    • Thermal loading may exceed the cable rating and the cable will fail,
    • Electrical losses will be high and operating costs increases.
  • If cables are over-sized then the following problems are possible:
    • Fault levels may be too high and other equipment may be damaged during faults,
    • The capital cost will be too high.
  • To determine the optimal operational configuration by minimizing losses.
  • To enable the engineers to easily add additional cables, motors, capacitors into the model if the plant needs expansion of any sort. The resultant effect on the plant will be known immediately.
  • To analyse the system load profile and to determine which available tariff structure is the most suited for long-term economic benefits (Energy calculations).

To simulate plant behaviour during abnormal loading conditions:

  • During network faults it is important to know beforehand if the protection devices will be able to clear the fault in time to minimise safety risks and to minimise plant outage time.
  • Alternative supply arrangements can be simulated during fault conditions to restore the system to an operational state. If no software is in place it may be impossible to determine easily whether the alterations are feasible and save.

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